What is AVENGE® + FLY

  • AVENGE + FLY is a multi purpose product that controls lice and prevents flystrike
  • Contains imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide that kills lice quickly
  • Formulated with a solvent base for rapid fleece penetration
  • Available in a 22L pack size which treats 275 sheep (55.1kg to 80kg sheep)
Avenge Fly BG 22L DRUM

Why Choose AVENGE® + FLY

Avenge Fly Control
  • No known resistance to imidacloprid. Resistance documented to CLiK, CLiKZiN and CLiK EXTRA1,2.  AVENGE® + FLY offers an alternate fly protection product to manage resistance development on your farm

  • New chemistry against fly – first new active against flystrike in more than
    20 years

  • For the prevention of blowfly strike in sheep in short or long wool
  • Up to 14 weeks protection in long wool
  • Up to 10 weeks protection in short wool when applied to shorn sheep up to 7 days off shears

Avenge Lice Control
  • For the control of neonicotinoid susceptible body lice (Bovicola ovis) when applied to shorn sheep up to 7 days off shears and unshorn lambs up to 2 months of age
  • Fast knockdown – Quickly kills lice by affecting their nervous system

  • Prolonged Protection – Proven to protect sheep against reinfestation with
    lice for 4 weeks after treatment when applied within 24 hours of shearing

  • Flexible – Can be used up to 7 days off shears

  • Rainfast – Rapidly penetrates the fleece where the chemical is protected
    from the effects of post treatment rainfall. Is effective when applied to wet
    sheep or if rain is experienced shortly after treatment*

  • High volume dose for better coverage

Withholding Period

  • Wool Harvesting Interval: 2 MONTHS
  • Meat Withholding period: 21 DAYS
  • Export Slaughter Interval: 63 DAYS

*Despite the demonstrated resilience of AVENGE + FLY against the effects of rain it must be emphasised that proper use of the product and good agricultural practice is to apply the product to dry sheep.

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2.Sales, N, 2020, Sheep Ectoparasite Resistance Update 2018-2020, NSW DPI Project no. ON-00491